Worst Kung Fu Fight of All Time Goes Viral in China

Worst Kung Fu Fight of All Time Goes Viral in China
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 19, 2016
Kung fu fights are always very compelling to watch, especially in movies. Real-life action may probably be as exciting, but practitioners of any martial art relating to Kung fu rarely show off their skills in public.
When a video clip of a street fight in China surfaced online, reportedly with two fighters who appear to be exhibiting their Kung fu techniques, people got excited and the dramatic footage went viral, RocketNews24 reported.
The two combatants squaring off each other in the clip included a bald man mimicking a monkey stance and a man in grey shirt, posing like a mantis.
Like true masters of their craft, they carefully circle each other, observing the opponent’s every move while employing techniques to sidetrack the other.
Onlookers are seen watching at a safe distance, enjoying the free spectacle, careful not to get in the way of the fighters.
When the man with the grey-shirt made his first attacks, the bald master anticipated it well and was able easily dodge his move and counter with a backhand attack of his own.
The backhand landed swiftly yet softly, requiring a powerful follow through hit on his opponent’s ear.
Countering with a seemingly powerful blow, the grey-shirt man falls a hairline short of hitting the bald master, who at this point has been impressing the crowd with his graceful moves.
Either the two combatants are amazing at defensive techniques or just horrible attackers as the circling around went on without much pain inflicted on each other.
At one point, the bald man appeared to be channeling some of his life force (chi) when he started to point his finger toward his opponent. The man in grey wised up and decided to quit before he got himself hurt any further.
Thankfully, no one got hurt in what could possibly one of most disappointing Kung fu fights ever filmed.
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