Viral Japanese Game Show ‘Slippery Stairs’ is the Best Topic to Discuss During Thanksgiving Dinner

The Twitterverse exploded when user @juanbuis shared an extremely hilarious clip of “Slippery Stairs,” a Japanese game show about various contestants trying to climb to the top of a staircase.

The idea behind “Slippery Stairs” is simple, the contestant who reaches the top of the staircase first is declared the winner. However, the video clip shows Japanese contestants comically sliding and stumbling down a slippery surface before reaching the top of the stairs.

One contestant is seen almost reaching the finish line, but just before making it to the top, the contestant slips all the way down and slams into another competitor in the process. While the whole gag-fest seems like mindless fun and entertainment, there’s also some great athleticism, heart and patience being displayed by the tenacious Japanese contestants.

Netizens are befuddled as to why this type of harmless entertainment hasn’t reached world wide recognition yet. But some are hoping for the bizarre Japanese game show to be adapted by other countries as well.

“Slippery Stairs” managed to combine elements of drama, comedy, fierce competition, rivalry and sports into one entertaining, fun-filled package. It is so versatile that others are even comparing it to politics.

Who would’ve thought that something as mundane as climbing on top a bunch of stairs covered in slippery substance can become an entertaining hit? The Japanese apparently did and the world might just follow their lead soon.

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