Viral Gadget Can Instantly Translate English to Japanese/Chinese Without Wi-Fi

While traveling to foreign countries is an awesome experience, it can be tough to get around — especially when you can’t communicate with the locals.

Enter the Ili translator, the device went viral last year across social media with travelers begging to get their hands on it.

The company boasts four key features that sets it apart from other similar products and apps in the market.

1. No internet connection is needed, can even be used on a plane or high up in the ski mountains

2. Completes translation in as fast as 0.2 seconds

3. Optimized and designed for traveling to assist you with your dining, shopping and transportation needs

4. Translates into 3 languages (English to Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin)

The device weight 42 grams and takes around 3 hours to charge. The company claims that each charge lasts about 3 days.

Several influencer online, including Nas Daily, has posted videos expressing their love for the device.

While the gadget is indeed useful and arguably a game-changer with it’s lack of dependence on the internet, one negative is that the device only translates one way.
However, CEO Takuro Yoshida, says that this is on purpose and argues that it’s actually better this way.

Ily translator is now available for $199.

Disclaimer: If you do purchase Ily, NextShark may get some commission from your sale. (we gotta keep the lights on here!)

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