Woman Goes Viral After Using Cat to Recover a Ring That Fell Down Bathroom Sink

A woman and her rather chivalrous cat are going viral on Twitter after the adorable feline recovered her ring that fell down her bathroom sink.

Gina Wilson posted a video on Twitter on Thursday showing her cat, named Thrasher, digging his way into the bathroom sink as if he was trying to reach for something.

It turns out, the cat was actually trying to retrieve the ring and her clip that Wilson dropped last month, according to her Twitter post.

So a month ago I dropped a ring & a clip down my bathroom sink and I’ve been scared to try to save it because I was scared it would just drop farther down but look at my cat being the fucking GOAT,” she wrote.

Fortunately, Thrasher was able to successfully recover the ring and the clip. After watching the video, some fans couldn’t help but wonder why the ring has a clip and Wilson was happy to satisfy her followers’ curiosity.

And everyone asking why I got a ring on a clip, I keep my rings in clips so I can keep sets together & it’s harder to lose rings that way,” she said, adding, “that’s hacks & facts.”

After going viral – with over 10 million views as of the time of writing – some couldn’t help but wonder how Wilson trained the cat, to which she offered a possible method.

But the problem kind of reared its ugly head before it even started.

Some cat owners shared the videos to their friends, and one gave a hilarious response – the exact opposite of Thrasher.

After doing a good deed, it’s only right to give the little guy a treat.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / ginaawilsonn

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