Prank on Woman in Taiwan is Another Reason Why You Should Always Wear a Seat Belt

Sitting properly in the passenger seat of a car not only saves you from potential road accidents, but it also keeps you away from pranks pulled by your friend and loved ones.

A video posted online by Taiwanese Twitter user @10ntyan, which has garnered nearly 9 million views, starts off by showing a woman snoozing in the front passenger seat of a car, Hachima Kiko reported as translated by SoraNews24.

The female passenger was minding her own business as she sleeps, while her companion drives them to their destination…

…when the car suddenly brakes and she is suddenly wedged in between the glove compartment of the car and the passenger seat.

Whether the prank is real or not, it certainly made a lot of netizens laugh their butts off:

“I would be tempted to do that too if someone was sitting like that while I was driving.”

“I’ve been watching this on repeat and it makes me laugh every time!”

“This is so funny I’m crying with laughter.”

“At first I thought this was going to be some sort of sexy video. Boy, was I wrong!”

“She shouldn’t be so surprised and angry – it’s her own fault for not wearing a seatbelt!”

But seriously, you shouldn’t violate traffic rules. Always sit properly and wear your seatbelt when riding a car.

Images via Twitter / @10ntyan

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