Violent Brawl Between Fans of China’s ‘One Direction’ and Film Crew Caught on Video

A violent free-for-all brawl broke out between fans of a popular Chinese boy band and the film crew covering the artists’ tour in Australia at around noon on Wednesday.

image via 9 News

Fans have reportedly been following musician Justin Huang and his band Nine Percent since their arrival in Azzura Greens Resort at Hope Island in Queensland.

image via 9 News

The altercation started outside the Gold Coast hotel where the band was staying in after the film crew reportedly told the fans to go.

Footage obtained by 9 News shows the two parties violently punching and kicking each other, with the film crew even using their tripods to assault the fans.

image via 9 News

Among the 20 people who joined the brawl, three men and two women have been arrested and are now facing charges of common assault and public nuisance.

image via 9 News

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old student from Griffith University who sustained minor injuries was taken to a hospital for treatment.

via Instagram/ninepercent.ic

The band and its film crew were reportedly scheduled to fly back home to China on Thursday but may have to stay longer as their passports have been seized by local authorities.

Nine Percent, which has recently been gaining an international following, is headlined by 16-year-old Justin Huang, a singer discovered in a Chinese talent show.

Featured image via (left) Instagram/ninepercent.ic and (right) 9 News

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