Vintage iPods Are Fetching Up to $20,000 on eBay

Vintage iPods Are Fetching Up to $20,000 on eBayVintage iPods Are Fetching Up to $20,000 on eBay
Editorial Staff
May 12, 2016
If you’ve been holding on to a mint condition, classic Apple iPod, you might be glad to know that it could be worth a lot of money if recent trends are to be believed.
According to a report released by Terapeak, a company which keeps tab on prices of collectibles on Ebay, prices of the beloved early 2000s gadget have increased considerably following its discontinuation in 2014. The trend goes in contrast to actual iPod sales which have continued to steadily decline for Apple in its final years.
Like baseball cards and antique vases, Apple’s classic music player units are now fetching collectible prices. Unused iPod classics and iPod shuffles can currently cost around $1,000 to $1.400 on auction sites.
Terapeak discovered that classic iPods kept in their original packaging can fetch even higher prices.
A special edition release can cost up to $7,000, like the used red-and-black U2 edition iPod that is currently listed on Ebay, reported the Guardian. A first-generation iPod has been spotted on sale for almost $10,000, while a still-boxed second-generation classic is currently listed for $20,000.
A U2 special edition classic iPod was sold for a whopping $90,000 back in November, while a first generation iPod Classic was sold in September last year for $20,000.
While the prices may seem ludicrous to many, the high regard for classic iPods can be attributed to people’s loyalty and love for Apple and its products.  
One such loyal Apple fan is collector Michael Freedman, who has every single type of iPod ever made. He was so impressed with the Apple products that he even kept them in their original packaging.
He received his first iPod as a gift, but didn’t open it.
“It was something special for me because it was an original Apple product,” he told the Guardian. “I remember that I was afraid to open the box. I was impressed.”
“I hold them because I wanted to own something special,” he said. “I think the most value is in the collection itself. Each iPod you can buy here and there, but all of them together is really something special.”
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