Man Caught on Camera Fighting Off Thieves Specifically Targeting Asians in Los Angeles

Man Caught on Camera Fighting Off Thieves Specifically Targeting Asians in Los Angeles

September 14, 2017
Vincent Ng was just being kind to a stranger who claimed she needed to borrow a phone for an emergency. Little did he know that it was just all part of a plan to rob him of his smartphone. 

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The criminals were caught by a security camera as they were stealing his phone at a gas station in Arcadia, California on Monday in broad daylight.
According to Ng, the crime was committed by three people, who were identified by authorities as suspects in previous multiple robberies specifically targeting Asian communities in Southern California.
In a Facebook post, Ng narrated how a Hispanic female in her early 20s pretended to be in need of a phone for an emergency before making a run for it toward their escape vehicle.
“On Monday, 3 people in a white SUV robbed my phone. I got a bit banged up but overall I’m fine,” Ng wrote. “I want to share this security footage to hopefully prevent this from happening to anyone else. This happened in Arcadia, CA and the suspects have been robbing numerous people all over Southern California targeting Asian communities specifically.”
The clip from the security camera showed how Ng chased the thief as she hopped on the getaway car. The victim can be seen struggling to hang onto the woman as the SUV sped away.
He then added: “In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have fought back. I would have avoided some injuries and it could have been way worse. I could’ve been run over or even killed. Everything happened so quickly and I wasn’t really thinking in the heat of things.”
“At the end of the day, I want people to know that they can’t go around picking on Asian minorities thinking they can just take advantage of them. During these times, we should work together to help communities become stronger and united.”
The incident not only resulted in the loss of the victim’s phone but also in some injuries that he sustained when he fell from the speeding vehicle.
As of this writing, the suspects remain at large. Anyone who has some information on the identity of the woman in the video is urged to report to Arcadia Police Department: 626-574-5150
Report Number: 17-4638.
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