Villagers from China Become Instant Millionaires Selling Yarn Online

A rural village in China has hit the jackpot after finding out that they can make millions by selling yarn.

According to South China Morning Post, it all started when a young villager started selling yarn online and made roughly around $2,900 in just three months. By comparison, the highest minimum wage in China will only earn a worker $327 a month. 

So, the villagers from Donggaozhuang naturally got interested. While most of the people in the village rely on agriculture by growing wheat and corn as their source of livelihood, they thought that selling yarn would also be a good opportunity.

Village leaders asked the man to teach others in the community about how they can set up their own yarn business. Some villagers even chose to sell their farmlands in order to start their yarn production.

Now, the village with just over 2,000 in population is home to a few dozen millionaires.

They are using online shopping platform Taobao – the country’s biggest marketplace owned by Alibaba Group – to sell their products. There are now 400 online markets for yarn in the town. Many younger villages even quit school to assist their families.

The village that used to produce crops is now buying wool in order to make threads that could bring in millions.

Don’t you wish life could always be this easy?

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