Indian Passenger Accused of Groping Teen While Sleeping on United Airlines Flight

Indian Passenger Accused of Groping Teen While Sleeping on United Airlines Flight

August 7, 2017
Authorities are investigating a case about a teenage girl who claims that she was groped by an Indian passenger during a United Airlines flight. The 16-year-old girl was traveling by herself on a flight bound for New Jersey.
The teenager recalled sitting next to an Indian doctor who she believes was allegedly slipping his hand on her thigh while she was sleeping. According to ABC News, the victim initially brushed off the Indian doctor’s first attempt of physical contact by going back to sleep.
However, the victim woke up again and she claims that the Indian passenger was groping her this time instead of merely touching her thigh. The teenager recalled that the offender was “rubbing” her through her clothing.
To make matters worse, the Indian groper was allegedly trying to place his other hand inside the victim’s pants. After the situation escalated, the teenager immediately called on the attention of the flight crew who allowed her to transfer to another seat.
The teenager’s mother eventually contacted the authorities, who were able to identify the Indian passenger as Dr. Vijakumar Krishnappa. The victim’s attorney revealed that the incident has left the girl “horrified” and that it “affected her ability to sleep and concentrate.”
Despite the teen’s allegations, Dr. Krishnappa’s attorney insisted that his client is an “innocent man” and that the Indian doctor is denying all charges against him. The girl’s attorney believes that United Airlines is partially at fault for not immediately contacting the authorities after the incident.
It was the teenager’s mother who contacted the authorities first before the airline took any action after the incident occurred. Although there’s no word yet if the victim’s parents are going to sue the airlines as well.
As for the Indian sex offender, he was arrested but was later released on $50,000 bail. While Dr. Krishnappa was able to avoid a more lengthy sentence for now, the victim’s attorney hopes to prosecute the Indian doctor “to the fullest extent of the law.”
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