Abusive Dad Uses Baby as a Weapon to Attack Girlfriend, Vietnamese Mom Seeks Lawyer to Get Custody

A mother in Riverside, California is seeking legal assistance to maintain full custody of her toddler who was violently flung and dropped by his father during a domestic dispute last month.

A video of the chilling incident on July 5 shows 27-year-old Techhoak Danny Lim swinging his 18-month-old son at his girlfriend.

Lim used the child to strike the woman, who then tried to run away.

In another clip, Lim can be seen purposely dropping his son to the ground before returning to pick him up.

Authorities used the video recorded from neighbor Michael Ogden’s security camera to hunt down Lim and arrest him five hours later. He was charged with child endangerment and domestic violence.

The toddler sustained cuts, bruises and bleeding to his ear after the incident and was brought to the hospital for treatment.

Techhoak Danny Lim

However, Lim was released after posting a $50,000 bail. He is set to appear in court on Sept. 7.

“I mean it catches your breath. It takes your breath away, and then there’s anger, and then as a mother, it gets you upset. It makes you angry, you get emotional, and so that’s kind of the reaction that I had, and I’m sure the officers at the scene had,” Detective Jerilynn Czobakowski of the Riverside Police Department told ABC 7.

“It was horrible to watch,” Christy Ogden, who took the security footage to police, told CBS LA. She had no idea about what happened until she looked at the video.

“Especially since we didn’t know what was going on until after the fact, so it wasn’t like we could have stopped it.”

The child has since been released into the custody of his biological mother — a Vietnamese immigrant — who now seeks legal assistance to keep him safe. Unfortunately, she cannot afford a lawyer.

“That’s my best friend’s son… The baby daddy used him as a weapon on his current girlfriend,” a friend of the toddler’s mother told NextShark. “She needs a lawyer to maintain full custody of her baby but she cannot afford one.”

“She’s a poor Vietnamese immigrant who does nails. He has money and posted bail and has hired an attorney.”

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