Vietnamese Woman Chops off Her Hand and Foot to Scam Insurance Company

Vietnamese Woman Chops off Her Hand and Foot to Scam Insurance Company
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 27, 2016
A Vietnamese woman thought she had crafted a fool-proof plan when she convinced her friend to chop off her hand and foot in an elaborate insurance scam.
The scheme, which involved her pretending to have been hit by a train, was concocted by 30-year-old Ly Thi N back in May of this year. She reportedly hoped of gaining a 4 Billion Vietnamese Dong (around $180,000) claim on her health insurance.
According to Thanh Nien News, local authorities received a call for an ambulance from a man called Doan Van D, who claimed to have found an injured woman near a railway crossing in the Vietnam capital of Hanoi. He told the responding officers that he found the stranger by chance.
After a little digging into Ly Thi N’s personal affairs however, the detectives became dubious of the man’s account of what supposedly happened.
The alleged victim of the reported “accident” was apparently experiencing some financial troubles with her business at the time. After some questioning, she eventually confessed to police that she had paid Doan Van D 50 million dong ($2,240) to mutilate two of her limbs.
N.’s severed limbs were retrieved and stitched back by doctors, but when gangrene infected the reattached areas, they were removed again a few days later. The police would reportedly not push through with a criminal case against her.
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