Vietnamese Twitch Streamer Speaking English During CS: GO Match is Our Hero

A Vietnamese caster who tried to speak in English while covering a match in the ongoing World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) is winning praises online.

Image via WESG

The tournament, based in Shanghai and organized by AliSports, is currently holding its 2017 Grand Final, which pits the best national teams and players of “CS:GO,” “Dota 2,” “StarCraft 2” and “Hearthstone” from all over the world.

Image via Facebook / Caster Tùng TT

The caster, identified as Tung TT, was covering a match between teams Cloud9 (US) and SCARZ Absolute (Japan) when Twitch chat persistently asked him to switch to English.

Image via YouTube / CSGO BEST-OFF

Apparently, he gave in to the room’s request, keeping his accent:

“OK, I got English for you, OK?”

Image via Facebook / Caster Tùng TT

Tung TT, who works Vietnamese studio 500Bros, covered in English for a while before resuming his original language.

While it’s understandably difficult for most English speakers to make sense of what Tung TT was saying, netizens applauded him for his humor:

Watch the stream below:

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