‘Speak in f*cking English’: Woman berates Vietnamese restaurant staff for not having miso soup

‘Speak in f*cking English’: Woman berates Vietnamese restaurant staff for not having miso soup‘Speak in f*cking English’: Woman berates Vietnamese restaurant staff for not having miso soup
In Texas, a woman reportedly looking for miso soup at a Vietnamese restaurant was captured on film berating the cashier.
Not today, Karen: In a viral TikTok uploaded by Whitney, or user @nitwhit_ney, a middle-aged woman wearing a “Not Today Satan” T-shirt is seen screaming at restaurant staff while other customers film her at Pho Saigon in North Austin, Texas, reported the Daily Dot.
  • The customers can be heard arguing with the angry woman about how she was treating the establishment’s employees. 
  • When Whitney asks why the woman was being “so rude” to the staff, she replies: “I ordered it to go and they didn’t get it to go! How do they not f*cking understand ‘to go’?”
  • The woman swings her cup as she talks and spills some of her drink, prompting someone to comment: “You’re spilling all over yourself right now!” 
  • “How ‘bout I spill it on you,” the woman responds before shifting her focus back on insulting the workers.
  • The woman asks the cashier, “Is it really that hard to put it in this?” referring to the soup being put into the container,  to which the user videotaping responds, “You don’t need to talk to her like that.” 
  • At one point, Whitney and her friends threaten to call the police as the woman continues her soup tirade. 
  • The woman eventually leaves after receiving her order, saying to the cashier, “Next time, you should speak in f*cking English so they can get the order right.”
Going viral: Whitney’s video, which contains a trigger warning for racism, has been viewed over 86,000 times and has received over 6,000 hearts since it was posted four days ago.
  • In the comments section, Whitney added more details about how the incident started: “Context: She came in asking for miso soup at a VIETNAMESE restaurant. The waiter asked her to repeat and she WENT OFF on all the Asian workers.” 
  • The order might have confused the staff as miso soup is a Japanese dish and is not usually found in Vietnamese restaurants.
  • According to Whitney, she started filming the woman after she began “threatening the employees. She was SCREAMING at them to speak English.”
  • Most of the commenters commended the TikTok user for standing up for the restaurant staff. 
  • “Thank you for sticking up for the server,” one commenter wrote. “Most older Asian adults would never defend themselves.”
  • Whitney also included an image of the woman’s license plate, prompting some commenters to suggest looking into the woman’s identity.
Featured Image via @nitwhit_ney
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