Woman Tells Vietnamese Restaurant Owner to ‘Get Out of Our Country’ in Houston Parking Lot

A Vietnamese restaurant owner was shocked when a woman unleashed a racist rant against her in a Houston parking lot.

Sammi, who owns the Vietnamese restaurant Vietopia, was able to film the incident that occurred on Wednesday at the Kroger parking lot on the Buffalo Speedway in Houston, according to ABC13.


In the video, the woman, who can be seen pushing a shopping cart, yelled at Sammi and told her to “Get out of the country.”

She went on to say, “You! Get out of the United States, you ugly [expletive].”

“They’re going to say what they want,” said Sammi, who did her best to remain quiet. “It made me feel so bad. They hate us, and all we do is work all day.”

Sammi and her husband had already signed a lease before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They are currently working overtime as they were scheduled to move their business to a new location. She said they saw an 80% drop in sales and that the racist rant only added insult to injury.

“It’s already a tough time for us small business owners,” she told the network. “We’re suffering. I think they need to be more educated. There’s all kinds of people. You can’t be doing that, if you have any common sense, you can’t treat people that way. It’s just mean.”

“We’ve got to keep going,” Sammi said as she and her husband continue to provide to-go orders.

They hope that the new location will be as successful as the original location. “That’s the thing. We’ve got to keep going.”

Feature Image Screenshot via ABC13

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