Vietnamese Mother Brutally Beaten in San Francisco

Vietnamese Mother Brutally Beaten in San Francisco

October 5, 2020
A Vietnamese mother in San Francisco suffered multiple
Violent attack: Thanh Nguyen, the victim’s son, told NextShark that the incident occurred around 4-4:15 p.m. PST. He took to Instagram to write about the incident which sent his mother to the hospital.
  • “Last week on September 22nd, my mom was attacked in San Francisco by some random punk,” Nguyen shared.
  • The attack happened as his brother was helping their mother carry groceries when he “heard two thuds” and then his unconscious mother on the ground.
  • “…my brother saw the guy run down Market and chased him down the block towards Market street,” he continued. “The guy tried hopping onto the K train on Market to escape, but my brother chased him off the train and down Market street towards Embarcadero.”
  • During the chase, his brother came across a group of men who suddenly attacked him — one of them sucker-punching him and almost knocking him out.
  • “He was able to pull himself together and run back to my mom as she was getting on the ambulance because he isn’t stupid enough to just get jumped by 5-8 guys.”
Injuries all over: In the images that Nguyen shared, his mother can be seen in a heart-rending state, sustaining multiple cuts and deep bruises on her face.
  • According to Nguyen, his mother came home after a few days following hospitalization, with “fractures on her face, bruises everywhere, body in pain, can’t look up or down, can’t talk normally, her favorite glasses shattered, and our hearts broken.”
  • Nguyen lamented that they have been living in the neighborhood for many years and it’s the first time they have experienced an attack like this. 
  • From the number of spiking racist attacks against Asians, the brothers repeatedly warned her against going out.
  • “Despite that she was comfortable enough to leave the house for appointments and other important matters regardless because we are used to the neighborhood,” he wrote. 
  • Nguyen condemned the attack, saying, “For this punk to attack an elderly woman, someone’s grandmother, and most importantly MY MOM is totally unacceptable and it ain’t something that I can live with myself to know that I didn’t let her attack be known to others; especially with all these racial attacks especially on the elderly.”
  • Nguyen is now seeking help to find CCTV footage and witnesses to help identify the attackers of both his mother and brother.
NextShark has reached out to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the San Francisco Police Department for further comment.
Feature Image via Thanh Nguyen
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