Man Marries Fiancée Who Died 1 Month Before Their Wedding

Man Marries Fiancée Who Died 1 Month Before Their Wedding
Bryan Ke
August 29, 2019
One Vietnamese man was supposed to marry his fiancée next month, but a fatal accident forced him to push the heartbreaking ceremony on the day of her wake.
Dang Thien An and his fiancée, who are both 25 and working in Japan, already made plans to hold their wedding on September 29, according to news outlet Nguoi Dua Tin via World of Buzz.
The woman decided to go back home to Vietnam to make arrangements for their upcoming wedding.
As she was riding her motorcycle on August 25, the woman suddenly noticed a large puddle of water on the road of Cu Chi in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. She tried to press the break to avoid it but was hit by an oncoming car, which wasn’t able to stop in time and eventually crashed into the motorcycle she was riding.
via Baomoi
Families of the woman were immediately informed of what happened. Unfortunately, she died at the scene of the accident.
Dang only heard of the accident after he saw a live-stream video of what happened. However, he noticed the body looked similar to his fiancée.
Dang quickly asked the user who made the post for more information regarding the accident. After his suspicion was confirmed, the man immediately booked a flight back to Vietnam and made an announcement on his Facebook, saying: “The wedding will be held at 10pm tonight instead. Hope everyone can spare some time for our wedding as I bid farewell to my wife.”
via Nguoi Dua Tin
Many people reportedly offered their condolences on the viral post while family and friends gathered at their home for the heartbreaking ceremony.
While kneeling by her coffin, Dang held out a bouquet and a jewelry box containing their wedding ring.
“I had originally planned to sing to you at our wedding but I can only sing it to you now. I want to hold my wedding ceremony with you now,” he said.
Facing the crowd, Dang said he hoped they wouldn’t mind him singing as he’s been practicing the song — Michael Wong’s “Tong Hua” or “Fairy Tale” — he would sing for his fiancée.
Screenshot via YouTube / Báo Thanh Niên
“My wife is the best person I have ever met and I will try my best to live well without her,” Dang said. “She told me she loves thin necklaces but I know she said that only because she doesn’t want me to waste money on her. I have always worked hard to give her everything she wants and I will continue to do so.”
Screenshot via YouTube / Báo Thanh Niên
“A friend said God must have had an urgent reason to call you home so soon and I agree because if not, you would have waited another 32 days for me to come,” he said as he placed the necklace he bought beside her picture. “It’s okay, you go to heaven first and wait for me, I will stay behind and try to live well.”
Featured Image via Nguo Dua Tin
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