Jealous Vietnamese Man Beats His Co-Worker After She Flirts With a White Guy

David Bond is notoriously known on the internet for being a playboy who travels all over Asia picking up girls and filming it on camera. However, earlier today he posted a YouTube video during his trip to Vietnam that’s quite disturbing.

In the video, which is filmed in Ho Chi Minh City, Bond reunites with a woman he met in 2014. As he tries to take down her contact information, her co-worker appears in the background and doesn’t seem pleased.

“In 2014 I met a short viet girl at a local market,” Bond wrote in the video’s description. “We lost contact after I left… 2 years later I found her again. 

“A jealous co-worker watched as we walked, he seemed really mad that she was talking to me. He steals her phone away then slaps her for talking to me.”

We reached out to David Bond for more clarity and he provided the following screenshots. Apparently, the man is her co-worker and has a crush on her.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the story is that the woman admits that this isn’t the first time the man has hit her. The first question Bond asks translates to “He hit you. How many times he slapped you?,” to which she replies “Many time.” The second question he asks translates to “is this normal in Vietnam?,” to which she replies “No.”

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