Vietnamese girl group DREAMeR accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK

Blackpink plagiarism
  • A Vietnamese girl group called DREAMeR is being accused of plagiarizing K-pop group BLACKPINK.
  • DREAMeR’s teaser poster has black and pink colors as well as two pink lightning bolts coming down from the top, similar to BLACKPINK’s world tour announcement poster.
  • Two members of DREAMeR have teaser images that seemingly copy Lisa’s “Pink Venom” teaser image and Rosé’s “On The Ground” solo images respectively, down to similar outfits, hair styling and visual effects.
  • “Born Pink” will be released on Friday and is the YG Entertainment girl group’s second studio-length album following 2020’s “The Album.”

Vietnamese girl group DREAMeR are “playing with fire” following plagiarism accusations by BLACKPINK fans.  

Netizens noticed the posts from the rookie Vietnamese girl group on September 14. One image of the group’s comeback shows similarity to BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” world tour announcement poster. DREAMeR’s image shows pink, protruding lightning bolts coming down from the top of the image, while BLACKPINK’s uses pink fangs.  

DREAMeR member Bao Uyen’s introduction poster also shows striking resemblance to BLACKPINK member Lisa’s “Pink Venom” comeback teaser photo. Uyen is wearing a long-sleeved pink top, pointed nails, long straight hair with pinkish hues and pinning stick ornaments, blue contacts and pink lipstick, all features of Lisa’s own visual look. Even a shattered glass effect seems to be replicated. 

Additionally, DREAMeR member MiiNa’s debut images bare strong resemblance to aesthetics from BLACKPINK member Rosé’s “On The Ground” solo images, including her posture, blonde hair color, purple dress and floral elements. 

BLACKPINK fans were not pleased and called on YG Entertainment to issue a response to the matter.

The YG Entertainment superstars will release their eight-track second album “Born Pink” on Friday, led by the title track “Shutdown.”

Feature Image via @baouyen.dreamer (left), @lalalalisa_m (right)

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