Vietnamese Dad Humiliated By HR Employee Because of His English Skills Finally Gets a Job

Last month, Seattle resident Emily Huynh tweeted about an incident where an HR director sent a horribly unprofessional email to her father after he applied for a position at that company.

After severe backlash, the employee was fired. Unfortunately, Huynh’s father, Minh Huynh, was still without a job, despite his ability to work and his earnest efforts to learn English.

Now, Huynh finally has some good news to share — it appears he found a job as a driver for a produce company in Seattle, Washington.

“I helped him send a couple short emails to three different companies that showed interest in him,” Huynh told Nextshark. “He got an interview for two of the three, a recycling job and another delivery job. He was very interested in the driving job and got hired at Charlie’s Produce!”

A happy congratulations is in order for the Huynh family!

Featured Image via Twitter / staleboba

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