Vietnamese Couple Uses Plastic Bag as a Condom — Doesn’t End Well

A teenage Vietnamese couple’s first sexual experience ended up in an unfortunate medical situation after using a plastic cellophane bag as contraceptive instead of purchasing actual condoms.
The young couple, who were too shy to buy condoms, both sustained scratches  and ended up in a hospital in Hanoi with bleeding genitals, reported Tuoi Tre. It was reportedly the boy’s idea to use a plastic bag for protection.
According to the Hanoi Nephrology Hospital director Nguyen The Luong, the plastic bag’s rough texture and its lack of elasticity and lubrication caused their genitals to get scratched to the point of bleeding. The girl and the boy, who are revealed to be college undergraduates,  were both checked up thoroughly and given antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.
The Hanoi hospital doctors who treated the patients are now strongly discouraging the public against  using plastic bags or any similar material that may seem to be practical alternatives to condoms. Using items not designed for the specific function, in this case contraception, may cause some serious harm.
Experts are looking at the educational system’s lack of  initiative among schools in teaching sex and contraceptive education as cause for such actions, despite it having long been included in the country’s  schools curriculum.
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