Vietnamese Couple Found Stabbed Inside Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas

The bodies of a Vietnamese couple were found inside a Circus Circus hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week.

The couple, who is believed to be part of a tourist group that traveled from the Los Angeles area, was found dead inside their hotel room on Friday morning, showing signs of multiple stab wounds, according to ABC7.

They both failed to show up to meet the group to visit the Grand Canyon and were discovered inside their room after a welfare check. So far, no information has been released to the public including the names of the two victims and the possible identity of the suspect.

Witnesses said they heard a disturbance in the area around 2 a.m. that sounded like an argument.

It’s an isolated incident in one room,” Lt. Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Police Department said. “There’s no threat to anybody in the hotel. Operations are going on as normal at the property and I will tell you most guests are probably completely unaware of the incident.”

Authorities are looking at a possibility that the incident might have been a murder-suicide. The police investigation is ongoing.

Featured Image via YouTube / ABC7 News – SF Bay Area

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