Cat Named ‘Dog’ is Vietnam’s Most Beloved Fish Vendor

vietnamese cat sells fish while wearing adorable costumes

An adorable 3-year-old cat became an instant online sensation for helping his human sell fish at a market in Vietnam.

Image via Facebook/ngongiolangthangviem

Wittingly named “Dog” by his owner Le Quoc Phong, the well-dressed kitty spends most of his time using his cuteness to earn a living.

Image via Instagram/dog1501

While Dog is quite popular in Vietnam as well as neighboring countries Thailand and China, he is also gaining followers from around the world after being featured on multiple online sites.

Image via Instagram/dog1501

In an interview with Bored Panda, Le Quoc Phong revealed that Dog loves ice cream, traveling and sleeping.

“He also has a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country,” Le was quoted as saying. “My little cat loves taking pictures. He’s also very cooperative when wearing the costumes.”

Image via Instagram/dog1501

When not selling fresh seafood, Dog spends his time relaxing or playing like a regular cat.

Image via Instagram/dog1501

According to Le, Dog got his unusual name because he behaves and breathes more like a dog than a cat.

Image via Instagram/dog1501

Dog can be seen with his mouth open in many of his photos, which Le posts on his Facebook and the Dog’s own Instagram account.

Image via Instagram/dog1501

Responding to critics who comment that Dog may be uncomfortable in the clothes he wears, Le said: “Dog feels very cozy and can walk normally.”

Image via Facebook/Le Quoc Phong

For more of the cat named “Dog,” you may check out his photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Feature Image via Instagram/dog1501

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