Vietnamese-American Woman Hilariously Shuts Down School Bullies By Pretending She’s Royalty

A Vietnamese-American woman has gone viral on Twitter after she shared a story on how she managed to get school bullies off her back in the most epic, royal way imaginable.

Tina, who goes by the handle name of @babyvietcong, recounted the experience she had with school bullies back when she was still in elementary school.

I remember when I was bullied a lot in elementary school for not rlly speaking English I lied for a week abt how I was actually royalty for Vietnam and used this picture for show and tell. Got these American hose to shut up real quick and asked if I rlly came from famous ppl,” she wrote in the tweet, which garnered 44,000 retweets, 200 comments, and over 180,000 likes before it was taken down, AsiaOne reported.

Tina immigrated to New Jersey from Vietnam at the age of seven. She used to be an extroverted kid, but after feeling like an outcast in her new surrounding for not looking and talking the same way as the other kids in what she described as a predominantly “white, suburban neighborhood,” she suddenly became introverted.

I would definitely not repeat my childhood if given the chance,” Tina told AJ+ in the latest video the online news channel published.

The situation escalated when her classmates started to bully her by laughing at her and ignoring her during classes. But things changed significantly during a show and tell when she presented a picture of her dressed in a royal garb.

And I said, I might or might not be from a royal family because I have a very uncommon last name. I read somewhere when I was younger that you get your last name from a royal dynasty that you come from,” she said in the interview.

After her post became viral, many people immediately shared pictures of them dressed in royal garb. Some of them even tried the same tactic to stop bullies from harassing them.

It was a funny tweet but the responses that I got from it was almost telling us the society that we live in where people really have to brace themselves to face similar issues or harassment,” Tina noted. “I do believe that this issue goes beyond just individual cases of bullying and that it originates from a deeper societal issue.”

Featured image via Twitter / babyvietcong

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