Vietnamese American Discovers Hilarious Origin Of Her Name, Becomes ‘Twitter-Famous’

Vietnamese American Discovers Hilarious Origin Of Her Name, Becomes ‘Twitter-Famous’
Ryan General
April 9, 2018
According to Twitter user melaurale, her father revealed that her name was actually based on a Vietnamese pun that literally meant “a long time to come out,” alluding to the time her mother spent in labor during her birth.
She wrote, “So my dads telling my relatives the story of how my mom was in labor for 12 hours so they named me Laura, which if you say it in a Vietnamese accent it’s lau-ra, which means ‘[a] long time to come out’…IMAGINE FINDING OUT AFTER 21 YEARS YOUR NAME IS A F**KING PUN.”
Netizens found the tweet hilariously adorable, with many sharing the origins of their own names in the comments section.
In the Twitter thread, Laura also revealed other tidbits of family secrets that many Asians can relate to:
In less than 24 hours, her amusing discovery racked up thousands of reactions and shares on Twitter and other social media platforms.
Some offered less flattering translations, but Laura was pretty cool about it.
Laura, who was on vacation in Vietnam at the time, would later joke about her being “Twitter-famous” when she discovered that her post had gone viral.
Feature Image via Instagram / melaurale
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