White Guy’s Vietnamese Accent is Apparently So Good People Aren’t Even Mad


A Caucasian man’s prank on a confused telemarketer by putting on a thick Vietnamese accent is going viral, and many commenters cannot help but commend for his accuracy.

The video, posted by Ramos Jakob, features a brown-haired White man in an office messing around with a telemarketer about a supposed car accident. He makes use of an over-the-top Vietnamese accent, wherein “f’s” and “p’s” are interchanged.

The person holding the camera can be heard giggling at the man’s impression, including a point in the middle of the video wherein they acknowledge each other and laugh together.

The man’s speech is a bit difficult to make out (as intended) but standout phrases include the man describing “car farking.”

Many netizens on Facebook rather enjoyed the speech, including Asians who are decidedly unoffended by the well-worked affectation: “Now this man gets a pass for cultural appropriation,” one said.


Given the different reaction from this video in comparison to a video of a man mocking Chinese salon women, we turn the conversation over to you: Is this man in the wrong? Is the accent so good that he gets a pass? 

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