Vietnam Made a Fire PSA on Coronavirus That’s Now a Viral Dance Challenge on TikTok

Vietnam Made a Fire PSA on Coronavirus That’s Now a Viral Dance Challenge on TikTok
Bryan Ke
March 4, 2020
Vietnamese health officials released a brilliant way to spread awareness about how people can protect themselves from being infected by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and it has since lead to a dance challenge.
The video features animations explaining how to prevent yourself from contracting the virus. It was written by Khac Hung in collaboration with the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, according to Billboard.
Playing to the tune of “Jealous” (or “Ghen” in Vietnamese), by singers Erik and Min, health officials tell its citizens to “push back the virus Corona, Corona” in the catchy public health awareness music video.
The music video was so well-received in Vietnam that videos of Internet users dancing to the song have been created. Quang Dang, a Vietnamese TikTok user who has over 101,000 followers, launched the dance challenge #ghencovychallenge on the platform.
“I want to use my own language (dance) to spread the right information about fighting Covid-19 to as many people as possible,” he told Billboard. “Especially the young people! They usually don’t get the right information.”
“I think knowledge is power, this is the information era,” he added. “We have false information everywhere. So getting the right awareness and right information is very important so we can use our power in the right way.”
However, the video has made its way to the United States, with “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver featuring the song and dance challenge during a segment on the coronavirus.
“Vietnam made a song about washing your hands to prevent coronavirus infection, and it absolutely slaps,” the show’s host said. “That’s a genuine club banger right there.”
In an epic twist, Oliver dances to the song before ending his segment.
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