Vietnam Apparently Can’t Stop Making Panty-Shaped Lights

Vietnam Apparently Can’t Stop Making Panty-Shaped LightsVietnam Apparently Can’t Stop Making Panty-Shaped Lights
A Vietnamese man got into a bit of trouble with officials in the city of Can Tho after he compared the lighted T-shaped entrance to the city, located in southern Vietnam, to a G-string underwear.
The man, identified as Chung Hoàng Chương, posted the photo of the T-shaped entrance, located at the intersection of 30 Thang 4 with Quang Trung Streets in Ninh Kieu District, along with two pictures of women’s uderwear on his Facebook page on Dec. 16, as reported by BBC Vietnam.
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If you happen to be in Can Tho, remember that once you go through this [entrance], on your right will be [my store]. Make sure to stop by and buy my SIM cards. They’ll bring you luck, Chung wrote in the caption of the Facebook post, as translated by Tuio Tre News.
Although the post did not explicitly state the comparison of the lighted gate to the underwear, Can Tho Department of Information and Communication immediately tried to contact Chung about the social media post.
The inspectorate of the Can Tho Department of Information and Communications invites Mr. Chung Hoang Chuong to [our office on Thursday] to discuss his posting of inaccurate information on the Facebook of Chuong May Man [about the welcome gate], inspectors from the department said in a document signed by department’s chief inspector, Nguyen Viet Thanh, on Monday.
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Our inspectors wanted to work with him [on Thursday] to clarify the situation after being briefed by local police,” department director, Do Hoang Trung, said after he confirmed to Tuoi Tre about the summon.
The department found it rather peculiar that Chung would put the artistic decoration of the T-shaped gate along with the underwear in the same photo. Fortunately, it reassured that the man won’t be punished for his social media post.
Chung protested the inspectors summon and challenged them to clarify the misleading part in his Facebook post. Many readers also backed Chung’s protest, calling the summon inappropriate.
Panties are not a taboo product, nor are they banned from public advertising, so why does the department have to handle this case? a commenter said.
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This isn’t the first time such a controversy has happened in Vietnam. The city’s T-shaped gate shared the similar fate as last year’s LED-light project in northern Vietnam, where a lot of people referred to the decorations as flying panties.
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Other commenters also pointed out that the T-shaped gate looks more like a uterus than a G-string. Lights resembling bras and breast lights have also been suspect too.
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Image via Facebook
Featured Images via Facebook / Chung Hoàng Chương (Left, Right)
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