Viet TikToker Gets MILLIONS of Views Just By Staring at the Camera


A Vietnamese TikTok user has proven yet again that not trying too hard sometimes works best on social media.

@anhtrantan♬ Nhìn màn hình đi nào – ☘️Bé Là Wolf 🇻🇳✔️

Effortless TikTok star: Anh Tran Tan has been averaging over a million views per video on his TikTok account for simply staring at the camera with some Vietnamese songs playing in the background. 

@anhtrantan♬ Original sound – Bảo hieu 💞💞

  • Tan started uploading videos on Sept. 17.
  • It did not take much time before his videos started attracting viewers.
  • With a blank TikTok bio, the account has gathered over 380,000 followers and more than 5.6 million likes so far.
  • As of this writing, his most viewed video has 27 million views and counting.

Secret to stardom: Apart from his unconventional technique in video production, not much is known about this latest social media sensation.

  • There is barely any movement in his videos except for some blinking and the occasional shifts in poses.
  • There is little variety as well with him either standing up, lying on a hammock or in bed.
@anhtrantan♬ Anh Kết Em Rồi (Remix) – Hồng Thanh, DJ Mie, Orinn

  • To spice things up a bit, he sometimes records himself shirtless.
  • There are also clips where you can barely see him.
@anhtrantan♬ Ai Mang Cô Đơn Đi – K-ICM, APJ

  • Regardless of what he does, his videos are attracting hundreds of thousands of views at minimum.

NextShark previously reported about an Indonesian YouTuber with a similar shtick and rose to fame by posting a video of himself doing nothing for over two hours. That video by Muhammad Didit now has over four million views. 

Featured Image Screenshots via @anhtrantan

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