Viet Family Posts Videos Claiming Neighbor ‘Racially Harassed’ Them for 8 Months in Garden Grove

Viet Family Posts Videos Claiming Neighbor ‘Racially Harassed’ Them for 8 Months in Garden Grove
Maina Chen
October 21, 2020
A Vietnamese family in Garden Grove, California has allegedly been racially harassed for months by their neighbors, the Marsh family, since they moved next door in March.
The situation was brought to light on Instagram by the daughter of the targeted family, @shheylas, who posted some of the videos on Monday.
The first clips reportedly show two girls, who the family believes to be Ashleigh Marsh, daughter of neighbor Devin Marsh, and her friend, recording Vivian and Ron, whose last names have been withheld, while they were quietly eating in their backyard on Sunday afternoon. She continues to yell expletives at them, make false and accusatory comments, and call them names while mocking their intelligence, appearance and lifestyles. The girls specifically targeted Vivian, who speaks little English.
“You think we don’t do this on a daily basis, and the cops can’t stop us in public. What makes you think they’re going to stop us from yelling at your dumba**es,” the two girls reportedly said.
Vivian and Ron and their three young children were reportedly told things like “Asians are stupid,” “f**k your people,” “go back home, no one wants you here,” “our people are above your people,” and more.
Nancy M Nguyen, a friendly neighbor, made a separate Facebook post about her own encounters with Devin Marsh a few weeks prior. In the clip, Devin appears to attempt to get physically violent with Nguyen’s boyfriend, when he told Devin to stop verbally harassing Vivian.
(To view the videos below, you must click on the Facebook post and watch through the social media platform.)
That was how Nguyen got to know Vivian and Ron. She claimed she later spoke with them and other people in the neighborhood who said that it was the Marsh family who was being prejudiced and told “the previous house owner to not sell the house to an Asian family.”
Vivian told her in tears, saying, “I don’t know why they hate us. We did nothing to them and they harass me because I don’t speak English very well.”
“The White people have issues with a few of us for ‘siding’ with the Vietnamese family,” Nguyen told NextShark.
A Twitter thread has since recounted the alleged racist incidents from the Marsh family, including videos of Devin being held back while physically threatening and walking closer to the Viet family and flipping them off when pulling out of the driveway.
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One video that appears to be recorded by Ashleigh and posted to her Instagram Story shows her and allegedly a stepmother accusing Ron of drunkenly beating his wife and children.
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@shheylas denied the accusations and told NextShark that the video was from three months ago when Ron came home drunk with the rest of her family while she was at home.
“Ashleigh made comments and it angered my dad (basically it was pent up anger) so he wanted to come over there and argue with them. We were all scared/crying trying to hold him back. They spread lies on my page saying that he hit and beat us, which is not true,” she said.
A woman identifying herself as Amber Nguyen and claiming to be Ron’s niece also explained how the Marshes were racist to them as well, and how they also suffered daily harassment and aggressions from Devin and Ashleigh.
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In what appears to be comments on Nguyen’s other posts, a man, Simon Atherton, claims to be a White neighbor in Vivian and Ron’s neighborhood who calls them a “great couple”. He claims that the Marshes hated him too because he’s friends with the Vietnamese family. He claimed that Ashleigh told him to “F**k off back to England.”
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A woman who claims to be Ashleigh’s biological mother and Devin’s ex-wife also messaged Nguyen to claim how their toxic behavior has long persisted and how they continue to harass her, her family, and her new husband who is also Asian.
@shheylas confirmed that these incidents have escalated recently this month, with the Marshes “showing that they want to fight us physically.”
The Viet family has allegedly called the Garden Grove Police Department (GGPD) numerous times throughout these interactions, however, no reports were filed because “they said they cannot do anything about it since it’s nothing physical.”
After the interactions went viral across multiple social media platforms, Ashleigh posted an apology on Tuesday in an Instagram story post.
A peaceful block party protest in Vivian and Ron’s neighborhood was organized that same day to show them support. Nguyen stated that she, and other organizers, got the blessing of everyone else in the neighborhood to hold it on Saturday.
The student body president (ASB) of Rancho Alamitos High School (RAHS), where Ashleigh attends, reported the incidents to the school administration.
Later that night, RAHS principal Mary Jane Hibbard sent an announcement to the high school community condemning “all acts of racism, hate speech and bias.”
“The incident is currently a police investigation,” she said.
Within that timeframe, someone spraypainted “racists” on the Marsh driveway, which prompted the police to be called again.
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The officers parked on the driveway to protect the Marshes after they filed a report on vandalism.
Nguyen wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday claiming that “Vivian told me that Devin (racist neighbor) asked the cops if he can speak to the family and apologize. Vivian and the family have refused the request to speak to them and said they just want to be left alone to live in peace.”
Later, she wrote that the GGPD called her and that “both parties are willing to meet and meditate the situation.”
“Ron just called me and let me know that he agreed to talk and hear what they have to say, he didn’t say anything about mediation.”
Featured Image Screenshots via Nancy M Nguyen (left), @ngyntlinh (right)
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