Video: Woman in China forcibly administered COVID test while being pinned down

woman pinned down

Many internet users have been left horrified by a video posted to Twitter that appears to show a woman in China being pinned down as a worker forcibly swabs her mouth for a COVID-19 test.

The video begins with the woman pinned to the floor as a testing site employee sits on top of her. He then forcibly opens her mouth while another testing worker, wearing a protective suit, swabs her mouth for a COVID test. The woman attempts to resist while screaming; however, the testing employee holds her hands under his knees, preventing the woman from moving. 

Exactly when and where in China the recording, which has not been independently verified, took place remains unclear.

Initially posted to the Chinese social media platform Weibo, the video was then shared to Twitter last Wednesday with a Chinese-language message that reads, “Let the whole world see this strict testing mandate” along with enraged-face emojis.

Many in China have criticized the government’s handling of the country’s zero-COVID policy lockdowns. Shanghai has been in a citywide two-stage lockdown since March 30, while Beijing will be conducting their second round of COVID tests on its residents this week.

The video has garnered over 48,000 views and 268 retweets since being uploaded on April 27.


Feature Image via @S7i5FV0JOz6sV3A

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