Video of Turtle Chomping on a Chinese Man’s Penis is Difficult to Watch

A cringeworthy video of an unidentified man in China, with a clingy turtle attached to his manhood, is circulating online.
The clip showed the gentleman in an embarrassing situation after his turtle, believed to be a Chinese softshell turtle, clamped at his groin area and refused to let go, reported Daily Mail.
The man walked on the street while carrying the reptile via a red string so he can seek medical help. With its mouth chomping on the crotch, the turtle appeared to have latched onto the guy’s penis through his pants. The man can be seen stopping every few steps to readjust his pants in total discomfort.
While turtles are actually toothless, the tight clenching of the turtle’s jaws around the guy’s manhood might have caused him unimaginable pain. The man attempted to loosen the turtle’s grip several times in the short video, but to no avail.
There are no further details provided as to how the man ended up having a turtle attached to his penis or if he ever got out of the painful situation.
Softshell turtles are not a rare sight in some parts of China as they are considered a delicacy in the country, where they are often made into soup.
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