Video Shows Young Elephant Rushing to Save Her Favorite Human From ‘Drowning’

A clip of one little elephant saving her favorite human has warmed hearts around the internet.

Meet Kham Lha, one of the youngest residents at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. She is one of the 19 elephants rescued by the park last year, The Dodo said.

Before Kham Lha’s rescue, she was forced to endure “crushing” — a sadistic form of training that ties and beats elephants down so they can let tourists ride them.

With her deliverance, Kham Lha has formed a special bond with Darrick, one of the park’s staff.

In a video clip posted on YouTube, Darrick is seen pretending to drown, while Kham Lha wastes no time to save her friend.

Darrick swims in the current and Kham Lha rushes to bring him to safety.

Commenters can’t help but feel good about the duo’s friendship:

“So Beautiful! So Awesome! Tears flowing down my cheeks.”

“Amazing! Simply Amazing! How could anyone hurt these gentle giants? They deserve our protection and more.”

“OMG amazing. Made me cry too. Did she try to give him some grass? Looks like the other elephants were on their way as well. So cool.”

Check out the clip below:

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