Video Shows Police Brutally Dragging Elderly Korean Man Down the Stairs

Video Shows Police Brutally Dragging Elderly Korean Man Down the Stairs

November 2, 2016
Footage of an alleged use of excessive force by Canadian police on an elderly Korean couple has sparked outrage on social media.
According to Allkpop, the incident took place at a hotel in Coquitlam, Canada on Oct. 27.
As seen in the video, a Korean man, reportedly in his 80s, was dragged down the stairs by officers of the RCMP.
Meanwhile, the woman’s arm was twisted in an apparent pressure to submit to officers.
A little girl is seen struggling to “save” the old woman from the clutches of the police.
The police reportedly showed up in response to a phone call informing that the couple, while in a town hall meeting, got into an argument. The couple was asked to leave but they did not want to.
An investigation is said to be ongoing, but it is unclear when, if at all, it will be concluded or what actions will be taken after the fact.
Some netizens resented the forceful treatment:
“That’s not right!”
“OMG WTF is wrong with them? Those are erderly people. OMG the girl was crying. I feel so bad. Why are people this rude? Why would you drag a person on the floor? And on top of that, it’s an elderly person. I hope they punish these security officers.”
“This is absolutely absurd. No matter the situation, you do not drag an elderly down the fucking stairs like he’s some sack of potatoes.”
Others defended the cops’ gesture:
“Don’t fucking pull out the race card now. No one here is talking about the race, only Koreans in Korea think this is some kind of racism. NO! Here in Canada, you can NOT resist an arrest. Yon can NOT touch the officers. The kid in the vid touching the officer, that is an absolute NO… Clearly the elders in the clip are resisting the arrest by laying on the floor, holding on to the rail, refusing to walk down. What are the cops supposed to do? Talk them down? LOL. In your dreams.”
“You know, all the grandparents had to do was listen to the police and this whole situation could’ve been avoided. Instead, they rather play the dead fish card and have to be dragged out by police officers. It’s fucking shameful to be dragged like that. I’d hate to find out those were my grandparents.”
Some chose to be neutral:
“Does anyone know what happened before the camera starts rolling? The force seems excessive to me, however, I think we need to see the whole altercation before rushing to judgment.”
Watch the whole thing below (Warning: the video may be difficult to watch):
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