Video of Minnesota high school students mocking Asian accents, performing Nazi salute draws condemnation

Video of Minnesota high school students mocking Asian accents, performing Nazi salute draws condemnation
Michelle De Pacina
March 11, 2022
A video in which Edina High School students in Minnesota can be seen mocking Asian accents and performing a Nazi salute was denounced by district officials and taken down from social media.
Three white male students recorded and posted a video online in which they spoke in derogatory, mock Asian accents while two white female students sat on a couch laughing, according to the Star Tribune.
One of the male students in the video can be seen making a Nazi salute, and one female student can be heard saying, “Your boyfriend think you’re ugly,” in a mock Asian accent.
After the video began circulating on social media, the school’s principal, Andrew Beaton, sent a statement to students on Monday evening to denounce the clip.
“Today, we became aware of a social media post on a private account that has disrupted our school environment,” Beaton’s statement read. “The nature of the post is culturally insensitive and violates our core values. We responded immediately, investigated and took appropriate action in alignment with district policy and protocols.”
“We understand that this has caused harm to members of our school community, and will create a space for students to speak about how this has impacted them,” he added. “Our mission is to create an equitable and inclusive school culture, and a positive learning environment for every student and we will quickly respond to any activity that does not align with that mission.” 
District official spokesperson Mary Woitte did not comment on what disciplinary actions have been taken.
A 17-year-old Asian American senior at the school, Louisa Darr, told the Tribune, “It was extremely hurtful for the rest of my peers and me to see. I’ve felt nothing but heartbreak and disappointment and fear these past couple of days.”
Darr is also an actor in Theater Mu’s production of “Man of God,” in which a pastor is revealed to be filming teenage girls. According to artistic director Lily Tung Crystal, the real-life incident reflects certain parallels with the play’s narrative about the harm that can be done with a camera. 
“Even though this video didn’t cause bodily injuries, it does cause emotional and mental injury that is racially motivated,” Crystal reportedly stated. “The fact that they thought that it was OK, that it was acceptable and funny enough to post, is an additional insult to injury. Every time videos like this come to the surface, it feels traumatic.”
According to Crystal, Beaton said the school was prepared to hold the students accountable, indicating that a meeting with student leaders and staff had taken place to determine necessary next steps. The Tribune reported that this may include a reexamination of the student handbook and a school-wide discussion.
“We believe one reason for [the rise in anti-Asian violence] is because our stories are simply not told enough on film, television and on stage,” Crystal said. “When people do not hear our stories, it’s easy for them to see us as ‘other’ or even subhuman.”
Featured Images via Edina Public Schools
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