Man Harasses Chinese Restaurant Worker by Ordering ‘Baby Back Rat’ in Racist Video

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A video showing a man harassing an Asian woman working at a restaurant is going viral on Facebook and the person who allegedly shared the video is proud of it.

The clip, which was posted online by Facebook and Instagram user SB Dennis (@rico_theconnecttv), has already been viewed over 100,000 times.

The man in the video visited a Chinese restaurant and harassed the woman behind the counter, “ordering” a “baby back rat with two cats on the side.” The man kept on pushing for his racist order, but the woman maintained her composure.

He continued his tirade by asking, “How come I’ve never seen a delivery truck deliver meat to a Chinese restaurant?”

The user, SB Dennis, included a racist caption for the video, writing #NoChineseForMe #CoronaVirus and #WashYahandsDirty.

It is unclear who the person behind the camera was or where the video was taken, but the man’s Twitter location says “South Bronx”.

SB Dennis claims that he simply posted the video on his Facebook after a Twitter user confronted him on how he went to the restaurant just to harass the workers.

Regardless, SB Dennis expressed pride over the attention he received from the stunt as he linked it in his profile on Instagram, which has 372 followers as of this writing.

The video was initially taken down, but, according to SB Dennis, was re-uploaded.

Feature Image Screenshot via SB Dennis

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