Video Of Man Molesting 2 Girls in An Elevator Leads to Arrest After Going Viral in China

Authorities in the central Shanxi Province in China recently apprehended a local pervert who was caught on CCTV molesting and kissing a pair of young girls inside an elevator.

The incident, which happened last Thursday inside an elevator in a residential building in Jiexiu, has since gone viral on social media when the footage was leaked online, Shanghaiist reports.

In the widely shared clip, the unnamed 21-year-old suspect can be seen blocking two children from leaving the lift so he can harass them. He immediately began kissing the two girls on the cheek and on the lips as soon as the elevator doors closed shut.

In a bid to escape from the abhorrent situation, one of the girls tried pressing buttons on the elevator panel. However, every time she was able to get the doors to open, the man presses the close button again.

He even restrained the girls physically to keep them from escaping the elevator by holding both of them down on the floor. For over a minute-and-a-half, the poor girls suffered at the hands of the deprived pedophile until the elevator finally reached the bottom floor.

As the girls made their escape, the perpetrator also fled the scene. He was arrested the next day after being identified from the video.

The sickening video clip can be viewed here.

Feature Image via QQ video

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