Video: Malaysian artist draws multiple portraits with his hands, feet and mouth all at the same time

  • Malaysian artist Saiful Thaqif went viral on social media for simultaneously drawing five portraits using both hands, feet and his mouth.
  • The artist drew portraits of Malaysian and American celebrities, including Michael Jackson and Mr. Bean.

A Malaysian artist has gone viral for simultaneously sketching five portraits of celebrities and Malaysian public figures using his hands, feet and mouth. 

Saiful Thaqif, a 39-year old secondary school teacher, previously went viral for his art portraits, wherein he simultaneously draws with both hands and feet. In his latest TikTok, which was posted on Jan. 11, Thaqif amazed viewers by adding his mouth as a tool to sketch while already using both hands and feet.

The Malaysian artist recently drew portraits of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and the iconic comedian Mr. Bean with his feet, while he drew portraits of Malaysian public figures, including comedian and cartoonist Imuda, former badminton player Lee Chong Wei and celebrity Chef Wan with his hands and mouth.

@saiful_thaqif 5 legends ! #212 #saifulart #art ♬ original sound  – SAIFUL THAQIF

According to Asia One, the artist takes four hours to complete each drawing session. The viral TikTok has garnered nearly 350,000 views and over 26,000 likes, as of this writing.  

“I started drawing seriously last January,” Thaqif told mStar, as translated by Asia One. “In the beginning, I painted a lot of caricatures but it did not get many views. If you create interesting content, there will be more views. So, I tried to look for a variety of methods to create art so that people can see and like my work.”

In December, a Filipino artist who posted a video to social media of himself sketching seven portraits at once also amazed netizens and went viral.

Featured Images via @saiful_thaqif

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