Video of Grieving Cat Owner Goes Viral in Indonesia

Video of Grieving Cat Owner Goes Viral in Indonesia
Ryan General
December 7, 2016
An old man’s grief over the death of his beloved cat has touched hearts across Indonesia after a heartbreaking video of him breaking down in tears has gone viral on local social media.
The Indonesian pet owner’s raw display of emotion is captured vividly in the short clip, earning an outpouring of sympathy from netizens. The video, which was first uploaded by Facebook user Ozilzain on November 26, has prompted close to 80,000 users to share it. It now has accumulated over 3.6 million views as of this writing.
In the footage than ran for over two and a half minutes, the old man can be heard screaming, “Ya Allah!” (Oh God!) while embracing his lifeless pet, occasionally banging his head on the wooden floor.
Cat lovers’ blog Tuan Meong identified the man’s language as Maduranese, a regional dialect from the Indonesian island of Madura, Jakarta Coconuts reported. The blog explained that the old man was begging God for his life to be taken away too so he could join his cat in the afterlife.
Observers believe that the cat looked aged and may have spent many years with his owner before its passing. May he soon find peace in accepting the death of his favorite feline.
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