90-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Sets World Record as Oldest Video Game Streamer

90-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Sets World Record as Oldest Video Game Streamer90-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Sets World Record as Oldest Video Game Streamer
A 90-year-old grandmother in Japan is now the holder of the oldest video game streamer record, according to the Guinness World Records.
Hamako Mori, who is also known by her online name and YouTube channel Gamer Grandma, has been playing games for 39 years, according to her interview with the Guinness World Records via SoraNews24.
The elderly gamer, who was born on Feb. 18, 1930, streams her gameplay online and also creates content on her YouTube channel where she posts playthroughs of popular games such as the “Resident Evil 3” remake, “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” “Dauntless,” and others.
Interestingly enough, in her interview, she described Rockstar Games’ “GTA V” as a “really fun game.”
“When you start playing you can’t stop,” she said. “It feels as if you are watching a film. I feel that it is a really great game.”
Hamako started playing video games in 1981 but admitted that even though she has an extensive collection of old games, she can’t remember a lot of them. One game, in particular, remains in her memory and it is Nintendo’s “Super Mario.”
“Children around me played games and I thought it looked fun,” she said. “It seemed a waste that only children got to have fun playing these games.”
“When I started out playing video games I wasn’t good at all,” she recounted.
Just like any other gamer today, Hamako also feels frustrated or down whenever she fails at what she’s playing.
“Although it’s fun playing, when you fail, it’s tough,” she said, adding, “But I often fail.”
“To complete a game smoothly, to the end, that feels good, but when I fail I feel down,” Hamako said.
Hamako plays around seven to eight hours a day, but she said that she could play a lot longer in the past.
Playing video games also helps Hamako distract herself from unnecessary things.
“I felt that if I started to play games life would be really interesting and I wouldn’t have to think about unnecessary things,” she said. “I’m glad to have lived to this age. I feel more than ever and I’m glad I’ve learned to play video games. I’m really enjoying life.”
“I tell everyone: life is rosy,” Hamako continued. “I feel that it would good for other elderly people to play video games.”
Feature Image Screenshot via Guinness World Records
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