Video of French People Failing to Do the ‘Asian Squat’ Goes Viral

A video of foreigners trying to do the “Asian squat” and failing epically has gone viral on social media.

The video, posted on YouTube channel Xinshidandan, shows two French vloggers challenging people on the streets of Montpellier in southern France to squat from standing position without the aid of their hands.

This position is known as the “Asian squat,” a reference to how squat toilets, common in China and other parts of Asia, are used.

As seen in the video, most failed to descend without issue — except for one athletic man who claimed to do kung fu.

The video, narrated in Mandarin, has garnered at least 811,000 views since its posting. Many were amused at how the foreigners truly cannot squat.

Netizens commented:

“I’m Asian and I always do this. I never knew foreigners couldn’t do this OMG. It’s really in the Asian genes.”

“Will it be tragedy if foreigners are introduced to Asian toilets?”

“It’s so easy. We Asians practiced enough.”

Check out the video below:

Images via YouTube / Xinshidandan 信誓蛋蛋

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