English model caught on racist tirade accuses Asian bar doorman of stealing her handbag

English model caught on racist tirade accuses Asian bar doorman of stealing her handbagEnglish model caught on racist tirade accuses Asian bar doorman of stealing her handbag
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Ryan General
January 3, 2022
An underwear model was caught on film hurling racist insults at an Asian doorman at a bar in England’s region of Warwickshire.
A four-second Instagram video shows 24-year-old Natasha Williams subjecting a doorman to a racist tirade outside Clink Cellar Bar after Christmas Day, reported MailOnline
The incident, which is now under investigation by the Warwickshire Police, is believed to have occurred between the evening of Dec. 26, 2021 and the early hours of Dec. 27, 2021.
Williams reportedly exited the establishment and tried to re-enter because she thought someone stole her handbag. When the doorman refused to let her in due to her intoxicated state, she became agitated and accused him of stealing her belongings.
In the now-viral clip, the model’s boyfriend can be heard trying to pacify Williams to no avail as she continues yelling at the doorman.
“He stole my f*cking stuff, the little P*k*, f*ck,” she shouted. 
A neighbor told MailOnline that the matter was resolved that night as William’s handbag was found and placed behind the bar.
“We were contacted at 4:06 p.m. on Monday 27 December by a third party, to a report of racial abuse in a video which had been seen online,” a representative from the Warwickshire Police was quoted as saying.
Williams’ parents, Ian and Gaynor Williams, defended their daughter, who is reportedly now facing “prosecution,” “threats of physical violence” and “the loss of her job.”
Claiming the video was “taken out of context,” Williams’ mother said that her daughter “didn’t direct that comment at anyone. She was talking to her boyfriend and she apologized to the doorman after saying it.”
Williams’ father said she was “panicking” at the time, and now the incident is “being made into something it isn’t.”
“This is a girl out for a drink, she’s drunk, she’s upset that she’s lost her handbag and now it’s being made into something it isn’t,” he said. “We all say those sort [sic] of things from time to time, it’s just a shame somebody filmed her. She’s a lovely girl, very warm and this is totally out of character but she’s obviously panicking about losing her handbag.”
Social media users have criticized Williams’ parents for defending their daughter’s actions. 
“An appalling comment from her dad,” one Instagram user commented. “Why don’t we ban [the] camera feature on mobile phones, then there wouldn’t be any racism.”
“Oh, dear! Racism caught on camera and the apologies and excuses are always the same,” another lamented.
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