Video: Doctor in China discovers live spider nesting inside woman’s ear

Video: Doctor in China discovers live spider nesting inside woman’s ear
Iris Jung
May 4, 2023
A doctor in Sichuan, China, was surprised to find a live spider inside the ear of a female patient.
The woman in her 40s initially went to Huidong County People’s Hospital in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture on April 20 after suffering from tinnitus — a ringing sound — in her right ear. 
To determine the source of the ringing, doctor Han Xinglong performed an endoscopy that revealed a spider web in the shape of an eardrum. Upon peeling away the false eardrum with specialized tweezers, the doctor discovered a live spider raising a colony in the woman’s ear. 
The endoscopy procedure was filmed with a camera on the end of the endoscopic tube.
In the video, the doctor can be seen pulling away a thin web to reveal a live spider. Surprised at the intrusion, the spider quickly attacks the endoscopic tube.
“The web made by this spider is very similar to the eardrum. When the ear endoscope first entered, nothing abnormal was found,” Han told local media.
“But when you look closely, there seems to be something moving underneath. I pushed aside the spider web, it was about to flee, but it was finally taken out smoothly.”
Despite the distressing incident, the doctor revealed the spider was not poisonous and only caused minor damages to the woman’s ear.
After the incident, the hospital reportedly warned individuals to seek professional help when removing foreign objects from their ear to avoid risk of injury.
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