Video Captures Blindfolded Sledgehammer Stunt Going Horribly Wrong

Video Captures Blindfolded Sledgehammer Stunt Going Horribly WrongVideo Captures Blindfolded Sledgehammer Stunt Going Horribly Wrong
A video showing a blindfolded martial arts “expert” smashing a sledgehammer down dangerously close to volunteers’ heads is now making the rounds online for the worst reason: it didn’t turn out well for one trusting participant.
In a public demonstration of his supposed sensory-perceptual skills, the blindfolded martial arts master was seen slamming down his sledgehammer onto an assortment of fruits in very close proximity of two volunteers. A curious crowd watched on as the master did his thing, smashing the fruits placed around one by one and narrowly missing the participants’ limbs and body parts.
The short footage, believed to be taken during a Sikh festival in southern India, showed that the “professional” was actually doing well at the beginning, successfully breaking the watermelons and coconuts around the first man, Daily Mail reported.
When he gets to his second volunteer, however, the sledgehammer wielder miscalculated and hit the guy’s forehead instead of the fruits. Obviously stirred, the poor volunteer immediately folded his body and then appeared to be unconscious for a brief time.
As the horrified crowd rush toward the victim to assist, the master removed his blindfold and witnessed the result of his failed stunt.
The victim was later shown appearing alright, standing and walking around. It was not reported if the man sustained any permanent injuries.
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