Victim Who Was Sexually Harassed By White VC Throws His Pathetic Apology Back At Him

Justin Caldbeck Loves Asian Women Niniane Wang

In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations against Justin Caldbeck, he has since released a public apology, wherein he promised to seek professional counseling for his behavior after stepping down from his position at Binary Capital.

Netizens were quick to collectively eye roll at the statement:




Especially fellow techie, Brendan Mulligan:

Mulligan was so upset that he took to to write his thoughts on the matter. There, he dissected Caldbeck’s apology piece by piece to point out any flaws and issues he found with the statement.

As the post continues to gain traction, it draws readers to comment their own thoughts and feelings on his writings. This includes one of the women responsible for bringing Caldbeck’s inappropriate behavior to light, Niniane Wang, who wrote a response to Mulligan’s article:

Justin Caldbeck Niniane Wang Response

I’m one of the 3 women who went on the record to expose Justin’s sexual harassment. I laughed out loud reading your post. It’s so well-written!

I’ve been trying to expose Justin for 7 years. He kept threatening reporters, and it was incredibly difficult to get this article out. He fought tooth and nail. Then he writes this apology (that was surely drafted by a crisis PR firm), and suddenly I’m seeing people say “We’re all human and make mistakes” and “I’m glad he’s learning” and “What a heartfelt apology”.

My fear is that if people actually believe that, what if the leave of absence doesn’t become permanent? Are people going to let him come back in 6 months when he’s “reflected” and learned his lesson?

I do not believe that someone can harass women for 10 years, tell the people who exposed him to go fuck themselves, and then 24 hours later, thank them for bringing him self-awareness.

Wang also took to Twitter to point out another issue with Caldbeck’s apology:


It remains to be seen what will happen to Justin Caldbeck in the future.

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