Vancouver Sneaker Company Offers 30% Off to Help Donate Masks to Healthcare Workers

Vancouver Sneaker Company Offers 30% Off to Help Donate Masks to Healthcare WorkersVancouver Sneaker Company Offers 30% Off to Help Donate Masks to Healthcare Workers
Vessi Footwear launched a campaign in support of frontline healthcare workers by committing their profits towards providing them with personal protective equipment (PPE) from the COVID-19 outbreak.
The everyday sneaker company champions the notion of supportive footwear that can be worn in every facet of life — through any weather, while being 100% vegan, 100% waterproof, eco-friendly and ethically sourced.
Titled the Choose What You Pay initiative, Vessi’s community came together to purchase and donate over 300,000 surgical masks to healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada in just three days.
With early success, the Vancouver-based footwear company decided to extend its initiative, where all current online stock is available for discounted rates or for full price in accordance with how many more masks will be supplied.
Vessi stated three different price points:
40% Off ($80 + 0 masks donated) → Use code “ThankYou
30% Off ($95  + 80 masks donated) → Use code “Superheroes
Full Price ($135 + 110 masks donated) → No Code Needed
Tony Yu, one of the three founders, revealed to NextShark that the initiative started a few days after they donated 2000 pairs of shoes to Canada’s healthcare worker community. However, they were soon overflowing with applicants than we could give free shoes to. To augment that, the Vessi team reached out to their community to ask how they could contribute in other ways.
PPE and discounts were the resounding answers.
“We merged the two community suggestions together while delicately balancing the needs of our own employees,” Yu said. “This Choose What You Pay initiative gave our customers a chance to get Vessis at a great price while also helping our front line medical staff workers with PPE donations.”
Yu “always had an itch for starting non-conventional creative businesses.” So by overseeing the marketing, business strategy and development at Vessi, it became his outlet for all new ideas and endeavors.
Yu also explained that the team behind the sneaker company is full of “just regular people dealing with the same situation as everyone else.”
The team’s own personal values and dedication to the community’s voice were made for putting issues that matter to the forefront and highlighting the shortage of PPEs and the devotion of healthcare workers in this crisis.
The initiative is slated to continue running throughout this week, with the goal to raise more funds for PPE donations and “support the community in a bigger way.”
While there are constant restocks, the sneakers applicable for the current initiative will be what is online only. Although, a restock is slated to come in before the end of the week.
Feature Image via @vessifootwear
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