Watch This Year’s Super Bowl MVP Epically Destroy Mini-Me in NBA 2K15

In a recent video posted on YouTube, actor and comedian Verne Troyer took on Super Bowl MVP Von Miller in a game of NBA 2k15. The epic battle takes place in Troyer’s personal game room, where he has a sweet setup.

A photo posted by Verne Troyer (@vernetroyer) on

Playing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Miller ended up beating Troyer’s Houston Rockets by a wide margin of 61 – 41. Come on Miller! That’s not how you treat someone who invites you to their house!

Apart from the fun game, the two actually have a pretty interesting conversation about the fine the Denver Broncos imposes on Miller every time he farts. They also talk about random things like Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James and putting mayonnaise in ramen noodles (wtf?).

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