Woman on TikTok Buys Drink From Vending Machine Using Just Her Face

vending machine

Chinese technology expert Matthew Brennan recently shared a TikTok video of a woman buying from a vending machine using only her face.

In the video, a woman walks up to a vending machine, stops to get her face scanned and takes the drink. The purchase did not require her to take out her wallet or phone.

Not everyone is allowed to take advantage of this hassle-free payment method, however.

According to Business Insider, Brennan posted a similar video last month showing a foreigner attempting to buy a drink from a vending machine using the facial recognition technology.

Instead of a smooth transaction, the machine gave him an error message with a note saying, “This account’s real-name verification is linked to a non-mainland China ID.”

Netizens expressed their privacy concerns under Brennan’s Twitter post regarding the vending machines equipped with facial recognition tech.

Meanwhile, others took jabs at China’s social credit system.

Featured Image Screenshot via Twitter / mbrennanchina

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