American Band Creates Hit T-Shirt After Copying a Japanese Store Receipt


An American progressive rock band has caught the attention of Japanese Twitter after releasing a shirt based on a Family Mart receipt from Tokyo.

Vasudeva, which hails from New Jersey, went on a Japanese tour earlier this year, having three shows in Tokyo with stops in Kyoto and Nagoya in between.


On May 2, just around noon time, the band ended up at a Family Mart by Shindaita Station in Tokyo’s Setagaya and bought a margherita sandwich, banana, orange, cafe latte and a “taiyaki” cake.

That purchase, which cost 1,154 yen ($10.68) in total, has now been preserved in a $25 merch shirt.

Image via Twitter / @Yanchi_JFR

Aside from the Family Mart logo, nearly all details are identical.

Image via Twitter / @Yanchi_JFR

To avoid potential copyright issues, the shirt also obscures details of the face of Ittoki Otoya, a character from “Uta-no Prince Sama” that appears on the receipt.

With merch that commemorates their stay in Japan, Vasudeva caught the attention of their Japanese fans, including other netizens.


The shirt has drawn an overwhelmingly positive response.

Netizens commented via SoraNews24:

“That idea is too good.”

“What is that? I really want it.”

“I want that. I wonder if it will start a receipt T-shirt fad.”

“I see they’re the types to pay with large bills rather than fishing out exact change.”

“I wonder if Family Mart is getting flooded with people wanting to buy those shirts.”

Featured Images via Twitter / @Yanchi_JFR

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