Chinese Pro-Gamer Banned Until 2020 After Allegedly Beating His Girlfriend on Livestream

Chinese Pro-Gamer Banned Until 2020 After Allegedly Beating His Girlfriend on Livestream
Ryan General
November 24, 2017
A Chinese pro-gamer has been barred from competing in League of Legends (LOL) tournaments after a video live stream captured him apparently attacking and making physical threats towards his girlfriend.
Game developer/publisher Riot announced on Wednesday that player Li Wei Jun would be suspended for 20 competitive months (Jan-Oct), restricting him from playing the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game until January 2020.  
The player, who goes by his gaming username Vasilii, was also fired from Chinese team Newbee, reports Mashable.
In a statement, Riot revealed that they have conducted an investigation after the footage of the threat emerged.  During the investigation, both Vasilii and his girlfriend denied any actual physical assault taking place.
“Although the investigation results don’t show proof that Vasilii physically assaulted his girlfriend, he made credible threats of physical violence and death threats toward a defenseless person in a private home that was intimidating enough for her to call the police. This is unacceptable,” wrote the company which also organizes eSports tournaments.
While instances of “extreme misconduct” would normally warrant a maximum suspension of ten competitive months for LOL players, Vasilii’s case was found to be an exemption.  
“Vasilii’s behavior was particularly egregious, beyond the worst kinds of extreme misconduct that we originally had in mind when we devised the Global Penalty Index,” Riot noted.

Vasilii’s previous violent outbursts, which saw him showing physical aggression onstage, smashing a keyboard and intimidating an event staff, were considered when his sentence was decided.
Due to the incident, Riot has adjusted its rules to allow for harsher punishment for domestic abuses in future. Extreme misconduct may now carry a maximum penalty of indefinite suspension.
Without any evidence of physical assault, however, he was spared from the maximum penalty. Such penalty of an “indefinite” ban has been previously reserved for infractions such as match-fixing or cheating.
Feature image via Youtube/LOL Esports
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